African National Congress President, Cyril Ramaphosa, arrived in Soweto on Saturday morning to officially kick off the party’s election campaign.

He will lead the campaign in Meadowlands, Chiawelo and Naledi as well as hold a meeting in the Nomzamo informal settlement and Chiawelo in his capacity as party president.

Ramaphosa says the election machinery is now in place and they hope to make inroads in most municipalities.

He says the ANC is determined to overcome all the challenges it has encountered in the registration of its councillor candidates for the forthcoming local government elections. He was speaking to journalists in Soweto where he is officially kicking off the ANC election campaign

Ramaphosa will also hold community meetings at the CC Sports Ground in Chiawelo and Thokoza Park, next to the Regina Mundi Catholic Church, in Rockville.

LGE 2021 | ANC President Ramaphosa kicks off  election campaign in Soweto



His visit to the township coincides with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)s voters’ registration drive.

Readiness for the voter registration weekend on 18-19 September 2021


ANC to investigate candidates’ lists concerns

The ANC National Executive Committee has decided to pay attention to the recent disputes that its different branches, regions and provinces have launched regarding the forthcoming local government elections.

The NEC held a special meeting on Friday, in preparation for the voter registration weekend, including to listen to some of the concerns about the candidates’ lists that have been submitted to the Electoral Commission of South Africa.

In a statement, the ANC says if there is any proven foul play, in the selection of candidates who will represent the party at municipal level, those involved will be prosecuted.

The ANC NEC has announced that it will launch its election manifesto on the weekend of the 27th of this month in Pretoria – were party president, Cyril Ramaphosa will delivering the ANC’s plans, solutions and a way forward, for the local government level.

It’s been a bumpy road for the ANC building to the November 1 municipal elections. Party members have had to approach the ANC headquarters, expressing their dissatisfaction on how the candidate lists were concluded.

However, the NEC says it will continue to investigate these concerns, even after elections and those found guilty will face the full might of the law. Meanwhile, the ANC’s top leadership is on a campaign trail in Gauteng and KwaZulu-Natal on Saturday morning.

ANC says it’s doing all in its power to resolve concerns from its members

The ANC says it is doing all in its power to resolve the concerns that are being brought by its members.

Some members are threatening not to vote in the upcoming Local Government Elections.

Member protested outside Luthuli House in Johannesburg on Wednesday against the party’s Councillor candidate selection process.

They say the process was fraught with corruption and they are accusing their Provincial List Committees of failing to help them.

ANC Spokesperson, Pule Mabe says not voting would be detrimental to communities.

“When you don’t vote in your own ward, it is not the ANC you are dealing with. You are dealing with yourself. Because the delivery of services done through an ANC councillor impact on your own living condition,” says Mabe.

“If you are so willing that you can give away the livelihood of a community where you stay because there are disputes, then you must be comfortable being led by different people in your own community,” he adds.

Video: Mabe elaborates on the list process: