Ramaphosa hits back at Donald Trump on land tweet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

President Cyril Ramaphosa has hit back at his United States counterpart Donald Trump, saying it’s wrong for him to interfere in the affairs of South Africa.

Ramaphosa’s statement comes after Trump tweeted that he had called on his Secretary of State to study South African land and farm seizures and the killing of farmers.

Addressing a biodiversity conference function in Ha-Matsila village in Limpopo, Ramaphosa said he planned to make it clear to Trump whenever the two leaders met that South Africa was a sovereign state.

“I don’t know what Donald Trump has to do with South African land because he has never been here and he must keep his America we will keep our South Africa that is what he must do, South Africa is our land.”

“South Africa belongs to all the people who live here in South Africa, it does not belong to Donald Trump; he can keep his America, when I meet him I will tell him.”


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