African National Congress (ANC) President Cyril Ramaphosa was forced to quell a tense situation between warring ANC factions outside the venue where he was getting a briefing before he starts his election campaign in Ward 6 in Tembisa east of Johannesburg on Sunday.

He is leading the ANC campaign trail in Ekurhuleni with door-to-door and community meetings planned for the day.

The two factions are fighting over their councillor election process. Some of them say the selected councillor Patrick Giyane who also disrupted the SABC live crossing during their clash was imposed on them.

Ramaphosa urged them to focus on their campaign saying their dispute will be resolved after the elections.

Ekurhuleni is the only key metro in Gauteng where the governing party has governed since 2016 through a coalition after failing to secure the required majority votes to form government.

Since 2016, the ANC has been leading a coalition government in the city of five other political parties including the PAC, the AIC, the IFP, the Patriotic Alliance and the Independent Ratepayers Association – IRASA.