Ramaphosa donates half his presidential salary to Mandela Foundation

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President Cyril Ramaphosa says he will donate half of his Presidential salary this year, to the Thuma Mina fund that will be managed by the Nelson Mandela Foundation. This fund will be launched on the 18th of July. Ramaphosa delivered the Presidency’s budget vote in Parliament. He called on all South Africans who are able to, to follow suit.

“I’ve decided to contribute half of my presidential salary to a fund to be managed by Nelson Mandela fund, this citizen driven initiative asks all to contribute a small portion of salary to what it takes to build a nation,” says Ramaphosa.

He applauded the Thuma Mina Fund initiative to rid South Africa of corruption, end State Capture and confront the crimes that affect poor communities the hardest. Ramaphosa says the nation has been set on a new path of renewal and revival.

It’s nearly 100-days since we decide together to make a clear and decisive break on the discord and divisions of recent times. It was a moment at which we made plain our urgent determination to act with urgency and resolve to transform our society to do everything we could to grow our economy and create jobs that our people so desperately need. We undertook together to rid our country of corruption, end State Capture and confront the crimes that daily prey our communities now we can speak of a new mood in the country,” says Ramaphosa.