Ramaphosa disappointed at ridiculing of  ‘Tintswalo’ analogy 

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has expressed disappointment about the ridiculing of his use of the ‘Tintswalo’ analogy in his State of the Nation Address (SONA).

He was replying to the debate on his SONA in the Cape Town City Hall on Thursday.

Ramaphosa says it’s unfortunate that opposition party members are making a joke of the analogy.

Rolling blackouts

Ramaphosa is sticking to his statement that rolling blackouts in the country are nearing an end.

In response to the criticism, he insisted that there was evidence to support his statement.

“The answer is getting the work done now and moving forward. Businesses, businesses and households are installing rooftop solar on an unprecedented scale and this administration has unleashed this energy. We have unleashed it and it is gaining momentum with the support of incentives and financing mechanisms that were introduced by the government,” Ramaphosa adds.

State capture

Ramaphosa has dismissed suggestions that there is no progress in the implementation of the recommendations in the state capture report.

He says all the institutions that are tasked with enforcing the implementation of the recommendations are hard at work.

“Now many of you would like the president to be judge, to be jury and to be a police. It cannot happen. It must be done by the institutions that are supposed to follow these matters up. As recommended by the State Capture Commission we are putting in place laws, institutions and practices that reduce the potential for corruption of any sort of any scale. ”

VIDEO: President Ramaphosa’s response to the SONA debate: