President Cyril Ramaphosa owns 30 townhouses and two flats.

This has been revealed in the 2017 Register of Members’ Interests that was published recently by the Joint Ethics Committee.

The Register is published in order to ensure transparency of public representatives, public trust and confidence in Parliament.

Ramaphosa was still an MP and Deputy President at the time when he declared the 2017 interests as a Member of Parliament.

Under the section on Land and Property, it reveals that President Ramaphosa’s 30 townhouses are in Johannesburg.

The two flats he owns are in Cape Town. In Johannesburg its specified that seven of the 30 townhouses are in a retirement village.

Its not clear whether all seven townhouses are in one retirement village or in more than one.

The President also has 23 townhouses but its not specified other than stating that they are located in Johannesburg.

In the section on gifts and hospitality, the President received close to 40 gifts when he was still an MP as Deputy President. But the value of the gifts are not stated. Some of the gifts include a box of apples, two packets of apples and a bottle of wine from Partners Agri Land Solution.