Ramaphosa calls for unity in tri-partite alliance

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for unity in the tri-partite alliance. He delivered the keynote address at the National Union of Mineworker’s 16th national congress in Boksburg, east of Johannesburg. Ramphosa says the alliance needs to stay united in order to win the 2019 national elections.

” We cannot go into those elections when we are divided, when we are fighting amongst ourselves. Our people will never take us seriously. We want to see a united alliance. We want to see an alliance which is going to lead this revolution going forward which is meant to improve the lives of our people. We’d like to see the structures of the alliance through the breadth and the length of the country functioning effectively.”

Ramaphosa has  paid tribute to the former mineworkers who formed the National Union of Mineworkers. He has praised Num campaigning for the rights of mine workers. Ramaphosa says Num was the driving force behind the education and empowerment of mine workers. ”

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