Ramaphosa calls for unity in KwaZulu-Natal

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The African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa has concluded his busy weekend visit to KwaZulu-Natal.

After meeting with the King of the AmaZulu, Goodwill Zwelethini on Friday, he visited the KwaDukuza and Groutville communities and the victims and families of the Ottawa Mosque attack in which one person was killed in May this year.

Speaking at the provincial Thuma Mina campaign launch at Groutville, Ramaphosa emphasised unity among both leaders and members of the ANC. He says the hopes of ordinary people are pinned on the ANC and that the party needs to serve the people.

“We face a number of challenges and these challenges they want ukuthi sibeyinto eyodwa [we must work with unity]. We must work underpinning our work with integrity and it requires all of us to work together and it is requires that we must all make a contribution. Because the campaign that we have launched – is a campaign which can make things a lot better for our people.  Our people rely on us as ANC to improve their lives. Comrades, there is no other political party that can improve the lives of the people of South Africa.”

It was the first time Ramaphosa addressed an ANC rally in KwaZulu-Natal since taking over the party’s reigns in December last year.

Ramaphosa says some thought he would not be welcomed in the province but his presence there is proof he is welcomed by all members of the ANC.

The ANC president wasted no time in lashing out at divisions in the party. He says the party must not tolerate situations where some members don’t even talk to each other.

Watch the video below for Ramaphosa’s full speech: