The South African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union has applauded President Cyril Ramaphosa for supporting locally made products.

The suit, tie, and shirt worn by the President during his State of the Nation Address on Thursday were made by House of Monatic, based in Salt River.

During his speech, Ramaphosa encouraged the country to support locally manufactured products and gave special mention to the Cape Town based factory.

SACTWU General Secretary Andre Kriel says the quality of locally manufactured products is of a high standard.

“When you look at local manufacturing there is a misconception that our quality is not comparative with world standards that is a complete myth. The quality of clothing that gets manufactured in South Africa ranks amongst the best globally.”

The Cape Town based factory who made the President’s suit has welcomed his call for South Africans to buy locally made goods.

House of Monatic Chairperson Fred Robertson says the classic wool suit is one of their best sellers.

“We gave him about three or four options, the suit was off the rail. In fact, it fitted his body perfectly with a few minor adjustments. This suit went through our normal process. We manufacture 600-700 suits a day in our factory and this was from the process of that.”