Ramaphosa addresses Land Summit

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has addressed the ruling party’s land summit underway in Boksburg East of Johannesburg.

The Summit is expected to explore how the ruling party will be able to address the issue around land reform. In his address, Ramaphosa has acknowledged that the land issue has sparked the biggest political debate since 1994.

Ramaphosa says the gathering is to give effect to the demand that was articulated in the Freedom Charter in 1955 that the land shall be shared amongst those who work it.

“We are through are presence here giving dedicated attention to this fundamental task because the resolution of the land question in SA is central to the achievement of a national democratic society. This task we are involved in was aptly described by David Pilling when he wrote recently in the Financial Times of London that addressing the land question we are in effect yielding to the inevitability of history.”

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