Raid on shops selling counterfeit products brings Durban to a standstill

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A joint operation between Crime Intelligence officers from KwaZulu-Natal and those in Johannesburg has brought Durban’s Victoria Street to a standstill.

A Durban court issued a warrant of arrest for those suspected to be involved in dealing in counterfeit goods around the city.

Police officers arrived at some of the shops which were already locked resulting in the Durban search and rescue team forcing entry.

KwaZulu-Natal Police Spokesperson Thembeka Mbhele says they have recovered counterfeit goods in all the stores they targeted.

“There’s a search warrant that has been issued by the Durban Court. So, it’s aimed at only the counterfeit goods so that’s why we see them. But yes, there are goods that had been recovered like the Nikes, the Adidas and all ranging from the shoes, bags as well as the trackpants. For now, they’ve gone to about three or four of them, but we have a list that we are targeting.”

Meanwhile, Mbhele says they’re not certain of the origins of the counterfeit goods.

“I cannot be certain on where these brands are originated from, but I can confirm that as it’s not the original brands like Adidas, Daniel Hetcher. It’s obvious that they are coming from somewhere, but that is subject to investigation by the police.”

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