Racism is still perpetuated against Black people: Shivambu

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Economic Freedom Fighters Chief Whip Floyd Shivambu says racism against Black people is still perpetuated across the world in different forms.

Shivambu opened the debate on Solidarity with the Black Lives Matter Movement during a virtual National Assembly Sitting.

The theme of the debate is ” reinforcing the commitment of all South Africans to confront and defeat individual and institutionalised racism in our society and everywhere in the else it exists”.

Shivambu says racism is barbarism that should be removed from the entire society.

He says, “Racism is what led to slavery, to colonialism and the continued invasion, the theft of African resources. Racism is the continuous police brutality against Black people in many parts of the world. Racism is when in China, a pandemic starts within the  Chinese people and within their communities, but Black people are the ones who are blamed, they are attacked and assaulted as having brought the COVID-19 pandemic.”

“Racism is the ideology and the underpinning principle of Capitalism. Racism is the massive economic inequalities that exist between White and Black People where White people’s dogs, cats, and pets have got better medical aid and better treatment than Black domestic workers,” Shivambu adds.

In June, the EFF held a nationwide protest against the murder of African American George Floyd by police:

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