Government says it is concerned about utterances of racial tensions regarding the Parliamentary process to expropriate land without compensation.

Cabinet says the remarks do not represent the non-racial South Africa.

Last month, the National Assembly passed an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) motion of land expropriation without Compensation.

Briefing the media in Parliament on the post-cabinet meeting, Minister of Communications Nomvula Mokonyane says there are certain groupings from both white and black circles that are hell-bent to use race in this important debate.

“It is not correct to conclude that it is the white community that is totality opposed. But it’s a number, it’s a particular group  because of the highly politicised community that we live in. There are two extremes from both sides.”

“There are extremes that just want to occupy land and pick and choose and invade land or occupy somebody’s land and staff. And there are those who will say you do not tamper with what I have had and demonstrate supremacy. But both extremes do not represent the South Africa that we live in. Even the South Africa we aspiring to live in,” says Mokonyane.

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