Residents of Qunu, in the Eastern Cape, where former president Nelson Mandela lived, say their living conditions have worsened since his death. They say they will celebrate his birthday on Thursday, even though they are facing a number of challenges that include poor service delivery.

Their complaints include the delay in renovating the museum.

“It’s tough now that Mandela died. We no longer get anything. Long ago we had Christmas with him. The museum is now closed; we have no idea what to do. There are no jobs.”

Local chief, Nokwanele Balizulu, says Mandela’s dreams for a better life for all have been abandoned. Balizulu claims the area is now experiencing rampant crime.

“Now that you can see it’s tough and there is no longer respect for Dalibunga. The crime here is high, trucks are being hijacked here. Here at his gate, we go out with our blankets to cover dead people who have been shot; imagine that his spirit and ideology has deteriorated.”