Questions raised over SA’s ‘alleged assistance’ to Russia

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Political Analyst Dale McKinley says allegations that South Africa supplied weapons and ammunition to Russia in its war against Ukraine have raised many questions.

Government says a retired judge will chair an independent inquiry into the allegations of the US ambassador to South Africa Reuben Brigety.

According to Brigety, South Africa provided arms to Russia through a Russian ship that docked at the Simon’s Town naval base in Cape Town in December last year.

McKinley says government owes the public the truth.

“There is clearly a case to answer. When the ship docked, there were a lot of different questions that were being asked. Why was that ship there? What was the purpose? And there was no answer. There was basically silence from that side. It sort of went away for a while and now a high-profile person in the form of the US ambassador has raised this publicly. It’s a big deal now.”

The audio file below is reporting more on the story: