Pupil accused of bullying expelled by parents of learners at John Marubini Primary School outside Thohoyandou

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Parents of pupils at John Marubini Primary School at Phiphidi village outside Thohoyandou, in Limpopo, have expelled a Grade 7 pupil accused of bullying.

The 17-year-old pupil was allegedly bullying fellow pupils and teachers. The learner, who apparently failed the grade, was allegedly disruptive and demanded to be progressed to Grade 8.

The education authorities are yet to comment. Parents say they no longer want the pupil at the school.

“We have taken a decision to expel the learner for the safety of other learners because he was a trouble maker .. even if they release him from custody he won’t come back here, we don’t want him anymore .. Because he has been banned from entering this premise. He will not learn here because he is a hooligan.. We expelled him because we don’t want him anymore.”

Bullying under the spotlight

In November last year, the suicide of a 16-year old Eastern Cape learner thrust the issue of bullying into the spotlight. Lathitha Nako, a Grade 10 learner at Bhisho High School, swallowed pesticide and died in hospital.

The circumstances around her death also sparked fierce debate and support for her on social media. Before her death, she spoke openly about the bullying she endured on social media platforms.

The video below from November last year highlights the issue of bullying: