Health Minister Aaron Motsoaledi says the recall of ready to eat processed foods manufactured by Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken does not mean that the public must believe they are out of danger for contracting Listeriosis.

This comes after he announced on Sunday that the source of the Listeriosis outbreak was traced to an Enterprise manufacturing plant in Limpopo.

The Minister has urged the public to throw all such products away if they are in fridges at home.

He added that the five rules of food safety must always be adhered to.

“The recall of these products does not mean that members of the public must now relax and stop the five food safety rules from the World Health Organisation, which we have recited many times. They must never be abandoned. That means washing your hands before handling food, or when coming from the bathroom, making sure that food is well cooked, making sure that you isolate raw food from cooked food, making sure that food is at appropriate temperatures, and washing uncooked food with clean running water as well as using only pasteurised or boiled milk products. Those rules must still be adhered to.”

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Food safety executive at the Consumer Good council of South Africa, Matlou Sesati says the CGCSA is engaging with the Health Department and the National Institute For Communicable Diseases (NICD) in terms of assisting the process of clearing the Enterprise products unfold.