Psychologist describes how mentally-ill patients were tortured

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Clinical psychologist Carolie Trotter alleges the 143 deceased mentally-ill patients were tortured to death after being transferred to unlicensed and ill-equipped NGO’s.

She’s told the Life Esidimeni hearing, sitting in Parktown – north of Johannesburg, that there was no way the patients were not going to die as no work was done to prepare them for the shock relocations.

The state on Monday failed to have her evidence declared inadmissible on the grounds that it was based on hearsay.

State Lawyer, Tebogo Hutamo challenged Trotter’s use of the word torture, saying it suggested there were bad intentions on the side of the state. However, Trotter did not budge.

“For example, the Reverent Maboe tells us that he was told that Billy could not drink water because, to quote, “he would pee in his pants.”

“At this point, that is not just negligence; you lock someone in a filing room, without food and forget them. So if you watch someone starving and dehydrating to death, for me that’s torture. Then on top of that, people were physically injured. That’s torture.”

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