The Public Servants Association (PSA) says it will oppose the use of public servants’ pensions to bail out Eskom. The organisation says it is angered by calls made by Congress of South African Trade Unions, Cosatu, for a R200 billion investment into Eskom using workers’ money.

Assistant General Manager at the PSA, Reuben Maleka, has raised questions over government’s approval to use pension funds.

“The question is that if you say it is a definite benefit, should anything happen to the pension fund, government will fill in. Let’s speak honestly, does our current government have the capacity? I say no, they don’t have. It is the money that they worked for, for the years they have worked in the public service, it cannot be used as private money or government money. “

Maleka says Eskom’s problems are not about not having cash.

“Eskom’s problems are corruption and inefficiencies. They must deal with their own problems, inefficiencies and corruption, then we can ask where are the problems? It is easy now to say pensions for public servants need to be utilised. Where is the private sector and government? All those institutions must come into play and it cannot be the public servants. It is not government money to donate to Eskom. We have not had a direct engagement and with Fedusa as a trade union, we are open for discussion.”

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