Proudly South Africa hosts two-day Buy Local Summit

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Proudly South Africa has held its two-day Buy Local Summit in Sandton Johannesburg. Over 200 exhibitors, all South African, promoted local content.

The aim of the summit is to help transform the country and help alleviate unemployment.

South African business under one roof; from clothing, skin care to cars, all manufactured here in Mzansi. Proudly South African aims to reduce unemployment by promoting local products.

Some proudly South African businesses such as Sister Jenny has been around for 25 years.

She invented a cream for all skin types.

“Whats so special about my creams is Sister Jenny multi-purpose cream is clinical tested to moisturise within one minute. It’s absolutely incredible for burns. So, basically, it’s a hand cream and food and body cream.”

Government is also promoting local is lekker and ensuring it’s legislated

CEO Proudly South African, Eustace Mashimbye, says that the government has put legislations in place that prescribe that people buy locally.

“Government has put in place legislation that prescribes that if anyone buys any of the designated sector’s items from each of those sectors, they have to be bought from companies that make them locally and its 23 items in total.”

Everyone is encouraged to buy South African made products and making a mark in arresting unemployment. The annual summit is in its eight year.