Protests disrupt exams at University of Limpopo

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Mid-year examinations have been disrupted by protesting students and contract workers at the University of Limpopo in Polokwane.

The University Management says the Student Representative Council (SRC) is complaining over the out-sourcing of workers, including security guards and cleaners at the university.

The protest that took place earlier on Monday has resulted in the university deciding to reschedule all exams which were planned for today.

Vice Chancellor Mahlo Mokgalong says the incident is unfortunate.

“The unfortunate and the sporadic nature of this protest ended up with some examinations being disrupted, especially those which were supposed to be written this morning,” said Mokgalong.

The Vice Chancellor says, “After consultation with the executive committee, we have decided that those examinations together with the ones that were supposed to be written this afternoon should be rescheduled or will be scheduled to a later date.”