Protests against BRICS deal agreements, corruption

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Scores of protesters have taken to the street around Sandton to protest against, among other issues, deal agreements being entered into among the BRICS countries, corruption and some of the leaders taking part at the 10th BRICS Summit under way at Africa’s richest square mile.

While leaders are locked up in meetings, giving regular updates on their negotiations, the South African Federation Trade Unions (Saftu) and other organisation are staging protest action along the streets of Sandton.

The union has criticised deal to have China invest R193 billion in South Africa, as it was announced by Chinese President Xi Jingpin on Wednesday. They claim this is nothing but an agreement to have China “continue to dump its products in the country.”

Members of the Rwanda National Congress, a Rwandan opposition group in exile, call for the arrest of Rwandan President Paul Kagame.

Kagame will be one of the African leaders attending a “BRICS outreach” programme on Friday. He will be joined by Joao Lourenco of Angola, Yoweri Museveni of Uganda, and Macky Sall of Senegal.

Secretary General of the party, Jennifer Rwamjira, says Kagame should not be allowed to attend the BRICS Summit.

“We are against President being welcomed into the Republic of South Africa. In actual sense, we are so disappointed. Kagame was not supposed to be welcomed in this country. We know very well what he did in 2013.”

Rwamjira claimed Kagame had a hand into the matter of some those who were known to oppose him.

“Even us, who are speaking, we are being hunted today,” Rwamjira who claims there’s a “silent genocide” taking place in Rwanda.

“There are so many people who are being arrested and some have disappeared and there’s nothing that is being done and now he’s coming here.”

The Indian community in the country has also joined the protest to bring the Kashmir peace instability dilemma under the spotlight, with placards printed all sorts of messages regarding “Terrorism in Kashmir.”