Protesting F State ANC members accuse party of deliberately excluding them from conference

ANC emblem
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Protesting African National Congress (ANC) members have accused the party of deliberately excluding them from the 9th Free State ANC conference.

The party’s Mangaung ward 29 branch secretary, Ditaba Mokhutle, says he has been nominated as a delegate for his branch. Mokhutle claims that his place has mysteriously been given to someone else. He is among members who have previously lodged successful High Court challenges against the ANC.

Allegations of fraud and branch manipulation have dogged the ANC in the Free State. According to Mokhutle, they are eager to get answers.

“I think we’ll take a sober mind and check how you approach that because what we’re requesting is that the leadership must come and address us so that we deal with this issue. And our problem is how can we each other while there’s a problem in certain branches in terms of parallel structures in branches and also my problem is that as a branch secretary, I’m the one who’s supposed to know who are the delegates of my ward but I don’t know it as the delegate, as I attended a regional conference as a delegate and today I’m not a delegate.”