Several people have been injured after police fired rubber bullets at protesters in Westbury, west of Johannesburg.

Residents resumed their protest against gangsterism and drugs earlier on Monday morning.  The protest which started last Friday was sparked by the killing of a woman.

Her 10-year-old daughter who was with her at the time was also wounded.

The protesters were marching through the streets of Westbury waving white cloths and signing, “We Want Peace”.

They say that as they walked past the Sophiatown police station police fired rubber bullets at them.

Police say they fired at the crowds to push them back from the busy main roads and to stop them damaging passing vehicles. Several people were hit and sustained some injuries.

Residents say they are trying to protest peacefully but police are having none of that.  The situation remains tense.

The busy Ontdekkers road has been closed off to traffic and traffic is badly affected.

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