A small group of foreign nationals have gathered outside the Johannesburg Magistrates Court – ahead of the appearance of more than 400 undocumented foreign nationals, who were arrested in the inner city last week.

More than 600 people were arrested on Wednesday for being in possession of counterfeit goods.

Seven police officers were also arrested for allegedly attempting to sell the seized goods back to the foreign nationals.

They were kept at Johannesburg Central police station for verification and are appearing in the court on Monday.

A group of about 50 foreign nationals gathered outside court to show support for those arrested.

The protesters hold up placards reading “Migrants are human and No one is above the law”.

They claim that police acted illegally when raiding their shops and arrested innocent people. However, police say that the raid was in fact done legally and that two of the foreign nationals that were arrested were found to be on police’s wanted list.