A man has been taken into custody during protest action at Fish Hoek Beach in the Cape Peninsula. One of the organisers of the “We Are More” movement allegedly ripped a journalist’s mask from her face, saying he could not hear her.

The “We Are More” movement’s protest action was originally aimed at ending lockdown regulations. Last week, the group walked onto beaches on the Peninsula, demanding the ban on their closure to be lifted. One of the demonstrators, Debbie Els, who supports the anti-lockdown protest, says some in the group are also opposed to wearing masks and using hand sanitisers.

“The stuff in the sanitiser they are poisoning you. It’s ok to use it once or twice but if you use it every five minutes, especially when you go to a mall, each shop you go into you have to sanitise. Go and read up on it,” she says.

Els adds: “Stop listening to everything the government is telling you. Go and do your own research and see how dangerous these things are.”

One of the organisers, only identified as Craig, allegedly assaulted a journalist. When she approached him for an interview, he said he could not hear her. eNCA’s Monique Mortlock laid a charge with the police. She says Craig ripped her mask from her face.

“He then said he can’t speak to people who wear masks. I told him Sir, it’s the law. We have to wear masks. He then goes, pull my mask from my face, rips it off. I am completely shocked. There are police officers around, law enforcement. Residents from Fish Hoek were also around and shouted at him and told him what are you doing. You can’t do that. So I cried. He and my camera guy then get into a verbal altercation. The point is, we’re only trying to do our jobs and this is what happens, ” says Mortlock.

Protester arrested at Fish Hoek Beach after alleged assault on journalist:

Craig was later arrested by police. Mortlock confirmed to SABC News that she received no apology and was accused of destroying their organisation by laying a charge against Craig.