‘Protection order is not enough to ensure safety of GBV victims’

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An organisation advocating against gender-based violence says a protection order alone is not enough to ensure the safety of victims. This after a Mpumalanga woman and her three children were hacked to death.

The woman’s estranged husband allegedly killed them despite her getting a protection order against him.

Police officers from Piet Retief discovered the bodies of the victims in Phola Park on Friday night.

Call To Action spokesperson, Khwezi Nomso says a holistic approach is needed in dealing with gender-based violence and femicide.

“We sincerely believe that protection orders alone as shown by this horrible case in Mpumalanga of the last couple of days are not enough to protect woman and children and prevent gender-based violence. What we need is integrated approach. What we need is a justice system that is responsive and well-funded, well-coordinated so that we are able to holistically tackle the scourge of gender-based violence and femicide.”

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