Protea Glen residents threaten to shut down the area

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Residents of the tornado-struck Protea Glen area in Soweto have threatened to shut down the area, if Thursday’s afternoon’s meeting with stakeholders does not yield the desired outcomes. They have invited the country’s major banks and construction companies responsible for financing and building the houses.

Many of the houses are inhabitable. Some residents have been forced to sleep in tents and vehicles following last week’s devastating storm that hit several areas south and west of Johannesburg.

On Tuesday residents barricaded roads in the area in an effort to draw attention to their plight.

Phelelani Sindane of the Protea Glen Crisis Committee, says, “We wouldn’t like to keep on blockading the roads. The reason for us to blockade the road was to have an opportunity where we can engage stakeholders, even government. So, now that they are coming on board, it is unlikely that we will have blockages. But in the event because you cannot trust these people, in the event that they don’t show up today, then tomorrow (Friday) we will be left with no opportunity, but to block entrances again.”

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