Prospective students who fail to get admission flock to NW University

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Scores of prospective students who were denied admission due to capacity constraints flocked to North West University’s Mahikeng campus on Monday.

This is despite a statement released by the university stressing that there would be no extra places available after just over 11 700 first-year students were accommodated from the more than 181 000 applications received.

One student laments, “Their response says my application is unsuccessful due to capacity. It has been three years. Since 2022, 2023, and now 2024. I feel like they do not want us here. This university is closer to home. Where will I go because I do not want to leave?”

Another student adds, “I’m here with my father to check why they did not accept me. But as I said, they said it was due to capacity. I’ll be glad if they can accept me because I’m interested in studying at North West University.”

For others who have conditionally registered, the battle is only half won as they are hoping for NSFAS funding. Namhla Ndamase, from Brits in the North West, is one of those awaiting funding confirmation. She passed her matriculation with distinctions two years ago.

“I have to wait for NSFAS to clear me so that I can be fully registered so that I can come to the campus; do my student cards, get proof of funding, and get proof of registration so that I can apply for the residence too. If I’m conditionally registered now and then it doesn’t pay for my registration fee, then it means I won’t be able to go to school, and that would be a very big problem because I don’t have any other alternative and I’m living with my grandmother; she’s not working.”

Students formations say while registrations have continued in earnest, some of the challenges currently experienced could have been avoided.

EFF Student Command’s Hanyane William Nengwakulu says, “In most cases, they are rejected due to capacity because the AP score somehow changed. It was 24 initially, but now it has changed to 26. So you might find that when applying, it was not changed in the system. The registration so far is going well, but we have an issue with those who can’t register online. They are accepted, but they can’t register. In most cases, it’s people who are doing extended programs.”

SASCO provincial secretary Paseka Molete says, “We have NSFAS that is closing in the month of January. We have results that just came out on Friday. What is going to happen? Registration for the North West, for example, has just begun. With what amount of money will these prospective students register? Most of them are coming from backgrounds that most of us do not have a desire to be in. They cannot even afford to pay eleven thousand eight hundred to come and study at the university. So, when will NSFAS reply to them? We are going to have a situation where NSFAS is going to reply to people in February, whereas the university has commenced with the academic year.”

According to the statement issued by the university, unsuccessful applicants may register online at the Central Applications Clearing House, which provides unsuccessful applicants with access to career development services and an opportunity to access spaces still available within other higher education institutions.