Problems at Kusile have nothing to do with corruption: Ramokgopa

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Electricity Minister Dr. Kgosientsho Ramokgopa says he has been advised of a number of technical issues at the Kusile Power Station in Mpumalanga.

He is engaging with managers, workers and unions at various power stations.

Ramokgopa says he has not been alerted to any corrupt activities at the plant.

He says, “The problems and challenges that we have had here are technical problems, they have nothing to do with so-called corruption. I am going to meet with labour, I am sure they will raise other issues. But, with the issues on the units that have gone out as a result of the structural integrity and design components, they have nothing to do with corruption. This is everything to do with technical designs. There are significant modifications that they are making and I am happy with what they are proposing.”

Ramokgopa says he intends on taking the public into his confidence when providing information on the country’s energy crisis and solutions.

” Our modus operandi with Eskom is that we are going to be brutally honest with the public. I will take you into confidence on where we are in relation to the grid consumption and what is coming on the generation side. If there is any significant movement, negative or positive, we will communicate that to the general public. We will be honest and transparent on where we are in relation to the resolution of this problem.”