Probability for load shedding remains high

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Power utility Eskom has refuted suggestions that loadshedding has been suspended. It says currently Stage 2 is being implemented and will be updated should there be any changes.

Eskom spokesperson Dikatso Mothae says: “We are aware of some apps that are saying we have suspended loadshedding…. That is incorrect.”

Eskom is currently implementing Stage 2 rotational load shedding which will continue until 23:00 on Wednesday.

The power utility says whilst it has managed to return several power stations, the probability for load shedding remains high for the rest of the week.

In an unprecedented move on Monday, Eskom implemented stage 6 load shedding. This was as a result of a shortage of capacity following a technical problem at Medupi power station, which impacted additional power generation supply.

Meanwhile, the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA) says tourists will be sceptical about travel to the country in the future due to uncertainty over power cuts.

The council made these comments after hundreds of people were left stranded for several hours on Tuesday on one of Cape Town’s international tourist attractions, Table Mountain.

Visitors on top of the iconic landmark were eventually brought down when the lights in the city bowl went on again.

TBCSA CEO Tshifhiwa Tshivhengwa says load shedding is tarnishing South Africa’s brand as a tourist destination.

“It goes to the issues around the brand, and South Africa as a destination. Our brand gets tarnished when people start to get sceptical when deciding where to travel to. It is important that we solve this. A lot of people, when they book, they book well in advance. They are looking forward to their vacation, to get to the top of Table Mountain, go to the restaurant that they have booked. Now they are being inconvenienced…”

“When we talk to the leaders of these businesses they have to spend more money on generators and how many tourists were inconvenienced,” adds Tshivhengwa.

SABC News spoke to the Minerals Council of SA about the impact of load shedding on mining.

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