South Africa needs a radical transformation approach towards the Palestinian question. This is according to Safoudien Bester, who represents the Runners for the Freedom of Palestine. He is part of a small group of rival protesters outside Parliament in Cape Town. One group is pro-Palestine and the other is pro-Israel protesting and both are protesting outside the Parliamentary precinct.

Bester says, “This is part of a consistent campaign every Friday¬† to remind our government about the true revolutionary positions that strugglists like Oliver Tambo and Chris Hani held. And today what you see in the ANC¬† government is that the ANC government has betrayed the Palestinian cause. They play with this cause like it is a soccer ball. Election time they want to withdraw the ambassador to Palestine. We know he is going to go back after elections. What we need is radical transformation in our approach to the Palestinian cause. In our foreign policy towards the Palestinian cause.”

Meanwhile, Pro-Israel protester Pierre de Jager made his voice heard,”I am not interested in their story because I stand here because the Bible tells me to do so. It’s a biblical thing and we support Israel only. Palestine doesn’t exist. There is no place like Palestine. We come here for the last 24 years, we get a permit to stand here. I am saying the people must go back to the Bible and to the truth of the Bible and we need to support Israel.”