Pro-democracy groupings demand release of political prisoners in Eswatini

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All political prisoners must be released with immediate effect in the Kingdom of Eswatini. That’s one of the demands of key pro-democracy groupings. They staged a picket outside the Swazi Consulate in Johannesburg.

African National Congress (ANC) activists also took part in the demonstration and are calling for political reforms to be expedited in the Kingdom.

It’s a small group of demonstrators but they are determined to see what they call emancipation in Eswatini.

Swaziland Solidarity network’s Lucky Lukhele says, “Before negotiations unban political parties, remove obstacles including the access to the media, release all political prisoners including South African prisoner Amos Mbedze who is currently serving 85 years.”

Pro-democracy groupings demand that all political prisoners must be released with immediate effect in the Kingdom of Eswatini:

The ANC, which led the picket, says it’s key for the Eswatini government to listen to its own people who are losing patience.

“We stand with the people of Eswatini. We are here to support the people and are calling for democratic reforms,” says ANC JHB region’s Dada Morero.

Swazi nationals say they will not be deterred in their quest for freedom.

“We are just here to amplify our voice and freedom is our birthright and we will have it,” says Lioness Sibande from the United Swati diaspora.

Meanwhile, these activists say they will continue to put pressure on the government of Eswatini to ensure that democratic reforms are ushered in. And they support the SADC-led initiative to try and achieve peace in Eswatini.

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