PRM launches manifesto in KZN

PRM members
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The People’s Revolutionary Movement, based in KwaZulu-Natal, say they want to change the lives of the poor by providing proper housing and employment. The party launched its election manifesto at Umlazi D section south of Durban.

Members of the newly formed PRM arrived in buses to attend the party’s election manifesto launch at Umlazi D section hall. The party said that members were from four different provinces. The community hall was packed to capacity with members wearing their green and black T-shirts and singing revolutionary songs.

Members say they want a party that represents the needs of the people on the ground.

“People have suffered enough; I think it’s high time that hope is restored to them. We have suffered enough even I have suffered that’s why we came up with this idea of starting a party that will represent us, us the people who are suffering in the ground. So PRM is here, it is here to address all those issues that people are complaining about. We’ve seen our government destroying their homes and not providing them a place where they are going to live and living them stranded with no homes and there are less job opportunities.”

The party’s core pillars, which include abolishing same sex marriages and abortion, might ruffle the feathers of some sections of society, but party president Nhlanhla Buthelezi says he believes that this is so-called un-Godly behaviour in society.

“The People’s Revolutionary Movement stands for five core DNA values; one, we believe that the land is owned by Kings and Queens on behalf of the African people. We disagree with the policies and the laws that promote same sex marriage we’re going to campaign against that. Abortion as well as prostitution, we disagree with female polygamy.”

Buthelezi added that through the extended public works programme, health care workers and security guards must be full-time employees.

“We say the capitalist modes of production as well as nationalisation are the same. We believe in the socialisation of the means of production. We therefore say, our people should be the dictators how the economy is run and when the government budgets, it should budget for the poor; it should not budget for itself and the rich. The tax that is paid should benefit the poor.”

The party has high hopes that they will do well in the upcoming elections.