Private schools continue to maintain high pass rate

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The millennial school of 2018 has surpassed expectations, maintaining their private schools 100% pass rate.

Three students at the elite Crawford College bagged a full house of nine distinctions.

Glenwood House College in George, Western Cape, boasted two students with seven distinctions and SAHETI, the Greek school in Johannesburg, bagged 126 distinctions among 43 matriculants.

Stefanie Babiolakis needn’t to worry. Easing into second place at Saheti School, with an 87% average, she scored 95% for mathematics.

She is a step closer to joining an elite study programme. She could now compete for a place among other math top performers to study actuarial science.

Bradley Jacobs is the shining star at Trinity House in Randparkridge. With an average of 90%, Jacobs attained a full house of eight distinctions.

We caught up with him while he was holidaying in the Eastern Cape.

“I won’t lie it’s a lot of hard work and its stressful sometimes because people say this is your future and that’s why I did get very pressurised but overall I really enjoyed it.”

Another top achiever, and up for an award from the Independent Examination Board, is Danika Ramalingum. She opted to work over the December holidays, clinching a job at the Lego store in Sandton City.

Danika insists that the secret to success is to always do your personal best.

“Lucky I had an amazing support system between my friends my family and an extremely dedicated group of teachers that really helped me to get to where I am and although you need to have a strong focus on your academics in my opinion it’s also very important to diversify from that and have a good work life balance .”

All of the students said they were ready for the challenges of tertiary education and intended to stick to the winning strategy.

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