President of the Police and Prisons Civil Rights Union, Zizamele Cebekhulu, has proposed reforms in the rehabilitation of prisoners.

He slammed the current treatment of offenders saying prisoners are living a luxurious life in prisons at the expense of their victims.

He says South Africa needs a different correctional service as the current one is a hotel. He says people must be afraid to go to prison.

“People want to go to prison because they can get food and bed without raising a finger.” says Cebekhulu.

“We must come up with a new agenda. Prisons must be built in rural areas and on the farms. People must work and come back to prison tired in the evenings. We cannot live under current circumstances where prisoners are shouting rights from morning to sunset.”

“They demand televisions that they don’t even have in their houses.”

He says South Africans voted for change and not for the luxury of the prisoners. “You can’t supply TVs and everything to those who have wronged the society,” adds Cebekhulu.

He was addressing the union’s national congress in Durban.