A Senior Executive at Primedia Broadcasting, CCO Mark Jakins, has resigned following allegations of sexually inappropriate behaviour at a staff function, were brought forward to the company. Jakins has released a statement explaining the reasons behind his resignation.

In an interview on 702, Primedia Broadcasting CEO Omar Essack named Jakins as the executive, who resigned following sexual misconduct allegations and social media uproar.

In a statement Primedia Broadcasting said, Jakins was placed on special leave after the claims came to light after the company received three complaints from staff members.

Social Media caught wind of the allegations and demanded Primedia to name and to take swift action against Jakins, who had not been named at the time.

Primedia Broadcasting also said that contrary to social media posts, last Tuesday was the first time it received reports of the allegations against Jakins.

The company says an investigation began, which was led by external legal counsel and was completed on Monday, where charges were presented to Jakins who later resigned.

The company insists that it acted quickly and decisively in dealing with the case.

Our initial story had incorrectly spelt Mark Jakin’s surname. We have since corrected the mistake.

See tweet of Jakin’s statement.