Pressure on ANC in Northern Cape to form coalitions in 10 hung municipalities

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The African National Congress (ANC) in the Northern Cape will soon have to form coalitions with other political parties in 10 hung municipalities.

Political Analyst André Duvenhage says smaller political parties have made great strides in the province leaving the ANC with not much choice.

With the deadline for first council sittings looming, Duvenhage predicts the ruling party will in the majority of hung councils opt to join hands with smaller parties.

“With the due date coming up, it is not yet clear how coalitions will form, but what we know is that coalitions will take different forms in different areas. So, I think the majority will be the ANC in coalition with certain groups. I am not seeing a coalition with either the Democratic Alliance and also not with the EFF forces.”

In the video below, Coalition Talks | SA’s political landscape post LGE 2021: Prof William Gumede

Meanwhile, the ANC is holding interviews for the mayoral candidates in municipalities where the party has won with an outright majority.

The party’s top brass are at Luthuli House, in Johannesburg, where the interviews are set to take place.

This initiative was recently announced by ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa, saying that the ANC now needs candidates who have the skills and expertise in leading at local government level.

Just before the local government elections, the ANC took the initiative and interviewed three candidates for the position of mayor at the City of Johannesburg.

Among them was the late Jolidee Matongo, who became the mayor.

ANC Deputy President, David Mabuza made it clear during the campaign for the recent municipal elections that they will not be announcing mayoral candidates until after the elections.

Prior to municipal elections, ANC said mayors won’t be chosen based on their popularity: