Unrest is spreading in and around the North West capital, Mahikeng, as more residents join the call for Premier Supra Mahumapelo to resign.

Shops are being looted and roads closed, and schooling and other social services have been suspended.

Taxi operations have also been suspended as taxi-drivers have joined the protests. Three malls have been forced to close. Some of the workers at the closed businesses have expressed their dissatisfaction towards the protests but also support the calls for Mahumapelo’s resignation.

“We are really frustrated that we are here and all shops are closed, they are saying we must all go back because of safety issues. But we support the call that Premier Supra must go he must give others a chance,” one worker said.

“We are here not working because of the strike, all shops have been closed. We will join the protests because we too want Premier to resign. Its going to affect us a lot financially – but what can we do, we support the protests, Premier must resign.”

Rioters also burned a bus and barricaded roads with various kinds of debris and tree branches in the past few days as part of their protest against Mahumapelo.

Several residents are very upset with the Premier and the demands for Mahumapelo to step down continue to grow.

Watch below for more on the calls for Mahumapelo to resign.