President’s Co-ordinating Council convenes special meeting to discuss energy crisis

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The President’s Co-ordinating Council has convened a special meeting on Friday, to discuss the country’s worsening energy crisis.

The Western Cape Premier Alan Winde has welcomed the convening of the special meeting.

He wrote to President Cyril Ramaphosa earlier this week urgently appealing for transparency in the national government’s plans to address the energy crisis.

Eskom is currently implementing stage four rolling blackouts which it will escalate to stage five at four o’clock this afternoon.

Winde has urged Ramaphosa to address the country following today’s meeting.

“We need to be able to put our case fairly, squarely on the table. Also at the same time, use the opportunity to call for the urgency and the absolute transparency of what the plan is and where we are going. Because the devastation that this [is] causing, is across our country but also where I’m responsible in this province is really unbelievable and the risk going forward is huge,” explains Winde.

Earlier, the poultry industry said the rolling blackouts have seen serious supply chain disruptions.

It announced that farmers have already lost over 10 million chickens because they couldn’t be delivered, as buyers have no electricity to continue normal operations.

The industry says power cuts pose a serious threat to the supply of chicken to restaurants and fast food outlets.

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