President Ramaphosa vows to approach ANC Integrity Commission following a robbery at his farm

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African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa has vowed to approach the Integrity Commission soon on allegations that he tried to cover up a multi-million dollar theft at his farm in Limpopo two years ago.

Former spy boss Arthur Fraser has opened a criminal case against him, accusing Ramaphosa of failing to report the break-in at his Phala Phala farm to the police back in 2020. Fraser also accuses the President of paying off suspects for their silence.

Ramaphosa is pleading innocent as police investigate the alleged robbery. He has now voluntarily vowed to present himself to the governing party’s Integrity Commission to clear his name.

The ANC National Working Committee has welcomed and commended its president’s decision.

Meanwhile, pressure is mounting on him from some opposition parties with United Democratic (UDM) leader, Bantu Holomisa, saying Ramaphosa must take a leave of absence to allow the investigation to go unhindered.

Both Action SA and the Democratic Alliance have called on the Revenue Service(SARS) and the Reserve Bank to investigate the matter.

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‘Allegations serious and worrying’

Political analyst, Ralph Mathekge says allegations made against President Ramaphosa regarding the money stolen from his Limpopo farm are quite serious and worrying.

Mathekege says these allegations together with the CR17 saga are negatively affecting the President’s integrity.

“The President just keeps on getting it wrong. I am not looking at this in isolation, I am also looking at this thing in relation to the CR17 where the President says because I am a good guy and I am doing great and I am cleaning problems within the ANC bear with me, you have to take this.”

“This is the cost at which things are going to be delivered. You have to trust me with this. I am not going to give you accountability directly. Ultimately the net effect is that the nation actually gets trapped down with the ANC.”

Robbery at President Ramaphosa’s farm was reported: Presidency