President Ramaphosa says Dr Ginwala led a full and meaningful life

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Dr Frene Ginwala’s life has been described as “rich in experience and meaning” by President Cyril Ramaphosa.
Ginwala, the first Speaker of the democratic National Assembly, passed away on the 12th of January at the age of 90. She was cremated in a private ceremony two days later in accordance with her family’s wishes.

Earlier on Tuesday, President Ramaphosa delivered the eulogy at the Official Memorial Service in Johannesburg.

“We remember a life that was as rich in experience as it was rich in meaning. Comrade Frene Ginwala played many parts and many of those have been so eloquently explained here this morning. She was a journalist, a lawyer, an author, a researcher, an academic and a parliamentarian. She was also an activist, a feminist, a pan-Africanist and an internationalist. Yet no roll call of her many achievements can adequately describe the person she was, nor the impact she has made in the course of her entire life.”

Dr Frene Ginwala’s memorial service: 

The former Speaker was hailed as a staunch advocate for the rights and empowerment of South African women.