President Ramaphosa expecting detailed report on Eskom crisis

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President Cyril Ramaphosa is expecting a detailed report from Public Enterprises Minister Pravin Gordhan about the Eskom crisis when he returns home from the African Union Summit in Ethiopia.

President Ramaphosa told SABC News that he is angered after learning that stage four load shedding was implemented on Monday after several generating units had broken down.

Gordhan has in the meantime met with the board of Eskom around the issue.

Ramaphosa says load shedding puts the whole country in danger.

“So we have to address this because Eskom is a risk. We’ve got all our energy eggs in one basket. When the generator of energy in our country reports that there are six units down it means that all six eggs are broken and possibly we just have maybe a dozen eggs.”

“It should not be like that. That is why we are saying we now need to have a new business model for Eskom where we’re able to minimise the risk, minimise our risk as a nation like other countries have done.”

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