President Ramaphosa disappointed in De Ruyter’s failure to report corruption at Eskom

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President Cyril Ramaphosa has called on former Eskom Group CEO Andre de Ruyter to approach law enforcement agencies on the corruption at the power utility.  The President says he was disappointed and concerned about the revelations of the former Eskom Executive on the problems besieging the power utility.

Ramaphosa has also dismissed De Ruyter’s comments that some alleged corrupt Minister has the backing of the Cabinet. He has expressed disappointment in the failure of former Eskom CEO Andre De Ruyter to report corruption at the power utility.

He asserts that he has complete faith in law enforcement officials and that they are capable of conducting very thorough investigations. The President claims that the former Eskom executive missed a golden opportunity to expose corruption.

“In his case, it is a missed opportunity and I also call on him to come forward to the institutions and report whatever he knows so that the investigative process can then commence. So that all of us are then better informed.  Without doing so, we are in a world of rumours, hearsay and then we start looking at each other with a great deal of suspicion. Go to the institutions that investigate and believe in me those institutions can be very thorough.”

De Ruyter left the power utility with immediate effect after alleging that a cabinet Minister wanted a few comrades to benefit from ill-gotten gains.

Ramaphosa says there is no corrupt Minister that has the backing of the cabinet on nefarious wrongdoings.

“Andre de Ruyter being the person who was GCEO should have gone to any of our institutions with the information he purports to have. There is no form of interference and subterfuge. He should have gone and reported the malfeasance he says was going on.”

SA praised for free quality education

The South African President was hosting his Ugandan counterpart Yoweri Museveni in Pretoria on Tuesday. During his state visit, the two countries concluded trade deals on Telecommunications, Retail and also mining with South Africa importing gold from Uganda.

President Museveni has applauded the ANC government for rolling out free quality higher education.

“Our understanding of prosperity comes from two lines – one is education for all and I want to congratulate the ANC. I am told that you are educating all these South Africans, giving them a modern education. In Uganda, there are trying but greed overcomes them because they go back and charge poor education. You wake up people through education. The second line is you produce goods and services and you sell them. One line is education and the other line is producing goods and services. The next question is who will buy your good or service?”

The Two African Presidents have pushed for a Pan Africanist approach to trade between the two nations and the rest of the continent rooted in Africa’s liberation from colonial rule.