President Ramaphosa urges men to take accountability for GBV

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President Cyril Ramaphosa is appealing to men to take responsibility for gender-based violence. He addressed thousands of women during the National Women’s Day Commemoration in Richmond in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands on Tuesday.

Ramaphosa’s address comes amid increasing incidents of violent sexual abuse against women and children …

“This is a man’s problem and it is a man-made problem. It is us, as men are the one who are causing these problems. It is these problems that make women afraid to walk in the pathways and streets. It is the problem of men who have no respect for women, who think they can whatever they want with their partners or girlfriends because they support them with airtime, and groceries. It is the problem of men who lack maturity.”

The President says the scourge of gender-based violence should be considered a man’s problem instead of a woman problem in South Africa.

Ramaphosa says the scourge of GBV should be regarded as a man’s problem:

“On this Women’s Day I want to call on every South African to play their part in the fight against gender-based violence and femicide by speaking out,” urges Ramaphosa.

He also spoke out harshly against alcohol abuse, saying it is closely linked to the scourge of sexual abuse and violence.

“Sexual assault and other violent crimes are connected to alcohol abuse and many also take place in places or around places where alcohol is sold. It takes place at taverns, at shebeens and other places. This is not the South Africa for which the women of 1956 marched.”

Ramaphosa says men have the responsibility to ensure that women feel safe in South Africa.

In one of the most brutal recent attacks on women in South Africa, eight young women were gang raped allegedly by zama zamas at Krugersdorp on Gauteng’s West Rand.

Police arrested scores of foreign nationals at an old mine dump – some of whom may face rape charges.

President Ramaphosa says continued gender-based violence in South Africa dampens today’s Women’s Day celebrations.

 President Ramaphosa delivers the National Women’s Day address: