Preserve heritage and culture: Sangoma

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Sangoma, Gogo Moyo says heritage is all about celebrating the clan, the group that we are born from and that basically what we are supposed to be celebrating on Wednesday.

Speaking on SA FM Forum @8, Moyo urges South Africans not to forget who they are and where they come from as we celebrate heritage day.

“As a country preserving our own heritage and culture will enable us to grow and embrace who we are.”

Artist, Author and social activist, Nomsa Mazwai says the more we ask questions about our cultures, is the more we create spaces and institutions where young people can freely go and enquire about their cultures.

Mazwai says our cultures should keep up with the times.

“Before cultures evolve with changes, there should be a lot of thinking, dialogue and communication that happen around to give answers why such changes are necessary.” – Edited by Barnard Manne

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