Preschools urged to prepare children for 4th Industrial Revolution

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Early Childhood development centers are encouraged to prepare children for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Experts encourage preschools to create an environment that facilitates creativity and develops children’s analytical and critical thinking abilities.

This, as governments around the world try to create a workforce that will be able to meet the demands of Industry 4.0.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution is expected to make many jobs obsolete. This, as robots and automation are expected to be the order of the day, replacing human assistance in many in the workplace.

But Professor Babu Paul from the University of Johannesburg says there will be new jobs created by the Fourth Industrial Revolution. These include software development, cyber security and network engineers.

He says its important to train South Africans to be creative and think critically from early childhood development.

Professor Paul has also stressed the need for children having the ability to learn and continue learning as they grow.

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