Prepare for Stage One load shedding over the weekend: Eskom

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Eskom says it has allocated R 11.5 billion for maintenance as it urges people to continue checking all media platforms for load-shedding updates.

The power utility says load-shedding is being conducted rotationally as a last resort to protect the power system from a total collapse or blackout.

Eskom spokesperson Khulu Phasiwe said Stage One load shedding will continue this weekend.

Phasiwe said, “People who are supplied by municipalities need to check the websites of their municipal distributors because municipalities are required to put it up on the website, so people can see which areas will be affected. People in Johannesburg and Cape Town, have their own generators.”

The City says Stage One shouldn’t affect Johannesburg and the same applies for Cape Town. But if you live in these cities and are supplied by Eskom, you will be affected, said Phasiwe.

But people need to check the website of the municipalities to know what time they will be affected.

Eskom has also cautioned that the risk of load shedding could decrease during the festive season – as there’s usually less pressure on the power system.

Phasiwe said, “The trend over the last few years is that in December generally we don’t have a lot of demands on the power system, especially from 16 December. The reason for this is many people who work in industrial firms and mines and places like that close and go home and come back some time during the second week of January. That gives us some breathing space to do some maintenance.”

“However, we can never say for sure there would never be load-shedding”, added Phasiwe.