The African National Congress’ (ANC) Interim Committee in KwaZulu-Natal says preparations are on track for its provincial conference. It’s now expected to sit in May after minor delays.

The interim committee was established in January. This after the previous conference held in 2015 was nullified by the Pietermaritzburg High Court.

Almost three months into its work, the committee’s convener says the province is on the mend.

However, it is confronted with a number of challenges ranging from membership disputes to the status of regions.

Three of the province’s regions have been stripped of their powers while a fourth was disbanded by the former leadership and grievances from branches have been piling up.

ANC convener Mike Mabuyakhulu says: “The currently BGMs are being held in preparation for regional conference. The committee is working on a timeline and so far it has been able to meet its deadlines.”

Mabuyakhulu says a sub-committee to deal with matters around membership has now been set up. This as manipulation of membership was rife.

The structure has also been beefed up with eight additional members.

Several branches protested, saying initially the structure was unbalanced and factional.

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