Premier Mokgoro maintains his innocence as ANC disciplinary hearing looms

Job Mokgoro
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A representative for North West Premier Job Mokgoro at his envisaged African National Congress (ANC) disciplinary hearing, says he will request that his case be dropped at the pre-conference hearing.

Mokgoro and four other members of the provincial legislature were charged after being accused of colluding with opposition parties by voting for a candidate for a new chair of chairs for the legislature, against the mandate of their party.

The ANC Interim Provincial Committee, then resolved to suspend their membership, pending a disciplinary hearing. But, Mokgoro still maintains his innocence.

“I firstly don’t know what it is to vote with somebody or some organisation. I don’t understand what is that. You know people say things without giving any explanation of what that is. If the four of us belong to different parties and we have to vote as to whether this wall is white and the three of us say it is white- and the three of us come from different political parties, have we colluded. Or have we been influenced by what we see. It really does not matter, it’s a lot of empty talks to be quite honest.”

The ANC IPC clarifies the charges against Mokgoro and the four other members of the party: 

Mokgoro’s representative, Mmoloki Cwaile, wants the case to be dropped. “Our intention is to request that the case must be dropped at the pre-hearing conference. But should they not accept it, we will then decide on the date for the disciplinary hearing.”

Cwaile says they believe the hearing will not be fair as those who are to form part of the disciplinary panel, will not be objective.

” The Chairperson of the Disciplinary Hearing is Mme Wendy Matsemela. She is privy to the case, she participated at the legislature. She cannot preside as the chairperson. A member of the disciplinary committee is Mr. Hoffman Galeng who has been writing in all WhatsApp groups attacking Professor Mokgoro, he cannot participate. This is the reason why it is fair enough that rather this disciplinary case could have been processed at the level of the national.”

ANC Interim Provincial Committee Spokesperson, Kenny Morolong, says they believe the process will be fair.

“We are deeply perturbed by the growing phenomenon of some ANC members to place on the public domain matters that are supposed to sufficiently ventilated within the structures of the organisation. We wish to place it on record that this is a matter of the provincial disciplinary committee and if comrades wish to make a representation, they must do it to the provincial disciplinary committee and not through the media. We also want to place it on record that the ANC guarantees the rights of members who are charged, to lead evidence, submit documentary evidence even cross-examine witnesses.”

The four others, charged with Mokgoro, are yet to be informed of the date of their disciplinary hearing.